Praktikanten Martin


Vi har under de senaste fem veckorna haft en tysk praktikant hos oss på biblioteket.
Han studerar som biblioteksassistent för Media och Informationstjänster, på  ZB MED-Leibniz Center for Life Sciences i Köln.

martinVi ställde några frågor på engelska till honom eftersom Martin inte pratar så bra svenska:

  • Can you explain what ERASMUS+ is? How did you learn about it?

ERASMUS+ (earlier called Leonardo Da Vinci-program) is an EU-financed program for the promotion of education and training, in particular cross-border vocational training. A colleague of mine did an internship in a foreign library when she was trainee, three years ago. A few months ago my trainee coordinator asked me if i would like to go abroad also.

  • How come you choose to come to this university?

My ERASMUS coordinator asked me in witch country I would like to go, and since I always have been a big fan of Scandinavia, I asked her if it is possible to go to one of Scandinavian countries and it worked.

  • How long have you been here? Do you think your time is long enough to learn anything?

I have been in Borås for five weeks. I sure learned a lot of things, but I don´t think that five weeks is enough time.

  • What have you learned during your stay?

I learned how a Swedish scientific library works and is organized, I also learned what Fika is.

  • What is the difference between your workplace and ours?

This is a smaller library, there is only 21 persons working here. In my library there are 135 people working overall. Your library looks better and is more modern than mine. Everything and everybody seems to be so relaxed, it´s a very positive working environment.

  • What kind of work have you been doing here?

I was responsible for weeding of special books, added publications to the DIVA-database and built a Christmas tree out of encyclopedias.

  • Is there anything you think we should change around here? Our routines?

No. I was satisfied with everything.



Text: Tandis Talay
Bild: Tandis Talay


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