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Do you wonder where you can see which books you have borrowed and when your last return date is? Or do you want to see if you have any late fees or do you want to know which books have reserverd?

On the Libraries webpage you have a quick link called my library. Here you have all the information about your loans collected. If you are a student or an employee here at the University of Borås, select Users at the University and log in with your regular user account.

Once you’re logged in, you have an overview image. Here you can see directly your loans and orders of books, as well as a summary of your possible late fees.

Under The Loans tab you can see all your loans. If you wonder why you don’t find a renew button here, is because we have automatic loans.  So you don’t have to worry about your loans for as long as no one has reserved the book, it will be automatically renewed up to 4 months. If the book you have borrowed is a interlibrary loan, and you want to renew it, you must contact to renew the loan.

Course books have a 7-day loan period and all other books have a 21-day loan period. We have a late charge of 10kr per day per book. You will receive reminders via email when a book has to be returned, therefore it is important that you know which email is registered on you. This is shown in the overview image under the Personal Information tab.

Here you can read more about our loan rules.

Text: Tandis Talay
Picture: Katharina Nordling


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