Your library account – here’s how it works!


Here’s a review of the features of your library account – how to see which books you borrowed, which ones you have reserved, if you have overdue fines, how you locate your saved searches, etc.

Log in

To log in to your library account, go to the library’s web page and scroll down to Quick Links a bit down the page and click on what is called My library. If you are a student or staff at the university, log in with your usual user account; if you are a patron who is not affiliated with the university, you will use your personal identity number and chosen password to log in.

If you have searched in Primo, the login option is at the top right corner of the window. Click the link Log in.


Once logged in to the account, you will get to a summary page. Here you can see some of your loans and requests for books, as well as a summary of any overdue fines or fees you might have.

Requested books (reservations and interlibrary loans)

If you click Requests, you will get a list of the books you requested (either by reserving a book that is on loan or ordered as a loan from another library):

Here you can cancel a request, if the book is no longer relevant for you to borrow. If you want to cancel the request, just click Cancel on the current book.


You can also click on Loans to view all your borrowed books, and renew your loans. If there is a button to renew then it’s possible to renew the loan. If the button is missing this means that someone has reserved the book (or that it is an interlibrary loan). But renewing you loans in this way is not necessary because the library has introduced automatic renewals.

Saved searches and search results

When you log in to your library account, you can also find the searches and search results you have saved at aprevious time. To access your searches and saved results, click the pin in the upper right corner of the window. You will then come to what is called My Favorites and you can see the single titles / records you saved earlier, but also the searches you have chosen to save. Learn more about saving searches or saving single titles from your list of results.

Text & pictures: Katharina Nordling

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