Your chip – here’s how it works!

The black chip that you you received when you started at the University, it’s used to a lot of different things, but do you know everything you use your chip for? Here’s a quick review for you.

Library card

You use the chip to borrow books in the library. Together with the four-digit PIN you chose, sign in to our lending devices at the entrance and borrow the books you want. If you want to keep track of what you borrowed, log in to Your library at the webpage. You do not need to use the chip when you return the books you borrowed.

Print / Copy

You print and copy using your chip. Keep the chip over the specified field on the copier / printer and the login will be very smooth. If you have forgotten your chip, you can log in to the copier / printer with your S-number and password.

Access card

The chip is used as an access card to the university’s premises. Your chip is programmed and will open the doors you are entitled to open. During certain times of the day, you will need to enter your four-digit PIN when using your access card.

If you should lose your chip, is it important that you block it as soon as you can – send an e-mail to the Library and to Campus Service. The fee for a new chip is 100 SEK, and you get your new chip either at the Library or at the Student Center.

Welcome to a new semester at the Library!

Now the autumn semester 2017 is starting and we want to welcome you to the Library as a student, old or new! Come to us if you need help to find books, information searching, find a nice place to sit and study or maybe just read a journal in the lounge . You can get tips on how to search for scientific material, write references, and how to copy and print. Our web offers a wide range of databases, journals, e-books and much more and it is always open 24/7. The library itself has the following opening hours during the semester and did you know that you can also return books when the library is closed?

Psst, please follow us in social media and get tips, you find us on Facebook and Instagram.

Welcome to the library!

Text: Lena Holmberg
Bild: Anna Sigge


Have a great summer!

The library blog now takes a break and returns just in time for the autumn term. The Library stays open all summer but with limited opening hours that you can fins on our contact page. You can access our databases and e-books from home via the web as usual.

We hope you get a really nice summer with lots of reading, relaxation, sun and bath.
See you in august!

The staff at the Library wishes you a great summer!






Text: Lena Holmberg
Picture: Katharina Nordling


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

The Library Blog now takes a break during Christmas and New Year, but we’ll be back with new posts again in January. Remember that the opening hours for the Library is a bit altered during the holidays. Be sure to check the opening hours at the library web page when planning your visit.

If you visit the Library, don’t miss our Christmas tree made of books! It’s placed right by the entrance to the Library.

Merry Christmas!

The Library blog takes a summer break

The Library Blog, takes a break during summer and come back with renewed vigor in August. As usual, you can then read blog posts about such as reference management, source criticism, page formatting, book recommendations, staff portraits, tips on databases and journals and more.

The library is open all summer but the opening hours varies. See our website for current times. It is possible to search and use the library’s e-resources from home as usual.

The Library staff wishes you a great summer!
We meet again in August!


Text: Lena Holmberg
Picture: Colourbox

Buy our stylish tote – only 20 SEK!

tygkasseAre you aware that we are selling a stylish polka dot tote for only 20 SEK at the Information Point? It’s a good buy if you have too much stuff to fit in your bag, or maybe as a souvenir from Borås to your loved ones at home.

The look of the tote is inspired of the artwork Counterpoint, which adorn the university building at sunny days.

blrfasad_620Do you want to buy a bag? Come by the Information Point – we accept both cash and credit card.

Text & picture: Katharina Nordling

Read a journal in our lounge!


Most of you already know that the library has many electronic journals but there are also a number of printed journals and magazines to read perhaps seated in a sofa or armchair in the library lounge. Here at the ground floor, we chose not to have so much scientific material. Instead you find more trade and professional journals and some more general journals that may interest everyone.

Examples of journals available in the lounge is Library Journal, Science and Camino. Or why not read Cap & Design, or Web designer?

IMG-20160223-WA0001There are also some more general and more interesting, fun and maybe even more relaxing journals like Time magazine, The Economist, National Geographic and others.

Take the opportunity to sit down a moment in the lounge and browse through some magazines, analyzing trends or read a good article in that particular topic that interests you! If you are lucky, no one discovers where you are, and you can read in peace and quiet.

Text: Lena Holmberg
Picture: Katharina Nordling