The library’s communication team is praised

In October, we received the great message that the library’s own communication team has won Greta Renborg’s award “for a library that has succeeded in a good marketing”. The prize is awarded by the Swedish Library Association and the motivation solved:

The prize for Greta Renborg’s memory gives us to the university library’s communication team for their well-thought-out and accomplished work in marketing their and university activities both outward towards society and other libraries, and towards the university.

The Library Communication Team

The Library Communication Team; Lena Holmberg, Christel Olsson, Lena Wadell, Katharina Nordling, Tandis Talay. Missing in the picture is Klaz Arvidson

Of course, we think it’s really great and yesterday, almost the whole team was in place at the Stockholm City Library to receive the award and celebrate a little.

But what does the communication team actually do in the library? Well, we are working on to share information about the library’s activities in various ways, including via our web, through social media, physical exhibitions, newsletters, Lounge Talks, Library Breakfasts, outreach activities, displaying and other information at the library’s premises. .

Is it something that you think we should work more with in terms of communication? Please keep in touch!

Text: Lena Holmberg
Picture: Katharina Nordling

Welcome to a new semester at the Library!

Now the autumn semester 2017 is starting and we want to welcome you to the Library as a student, old or new! Come to us if you need help to find books, information searching, find a nice place to sit and study or maybe just read a journal in the lounge . You can get tips on how to search for scientific material, write references, and how to copy and print. Our web offers a wide range of databases, journals, e-books and much more and it is always open 24/7. The library itself has the following opening hours during the semester and did you know that you can also return books when the library is closed?

Psst, please follow us in social media and get tips, you find us on Facebook and Instagram.

Welcome to the library!

Text: Lena Holmberg
Bild: Anna Sigge


The Library blog takes a summer break

The Library Blog, takes a break during summer and come back with renewed vigor in August. As usual, you can then read blog posts about such as reference management, source criticism, page formatting, book recommendations, staff portraits, tips on databases and journals and more.

The library is open all summer but the opening hours varies. See our website for current times. It is possible to search and use the library’s e-resources from home as usual.

The Library staff wishes you a great summer!
We meet again in August!


Text: Lena Holmberg
Picture: Colourbox

Welcome back!

Welcome back on the new year! The library starts today to publish social media again and we hope for a great spring semester. We hope that you enjoyed the Christmas holiday and had time to be free from your studies at least for a while. Many of you may even have been here at the library during the Christmas and New Years when we had limited opening hours. From today, the library is open as usual and soon the semester will start again. Welcome to the library!

Do you want to learn more about what is happening at the library then check out the web.

Text: Lena Holmberg
Picture: Anna Sigge



Have you been thinking what it is like to work at an univeristy? What does all the teachers, librarians, administrators, controlers and other do all day long? Now you have a possibility to follow University of Borås staff on Instagram – a new staff member a week. It will work the same way as when our students instagram for the university. You haven’t missed that, have you?

Communications Officer Anna is first to instagram at @jobbarpahogskolaniboras

Students at University of Borås instagram at @hogskolaniboras

Pieta Eklund

Social Media Meetup 2013

Yesterday was the fourth edition of the conference Social Media 2013 held in Borås and the library was participating. The main attraction of the conference was Joakim Jardenberg who was awarded the first Sparbanksstiftelsen Sjuhärad social media prize. His presentation after the award was handed to him was memorable with a lot of humor and love for the opportunities that technology of social media gives us. That, for example, it’s important to remember that it’s not social media that invented the online hate, and instead we should use the technology of the media to access problems surrounding it. He finished it all with a very simple message: Be honest and do good shit!

Other speakers during the afternoon was Leif Pagrotsky who discussed his experiences on Twitter as a tool and how he sees it as an opportunity to regain power over what is / will be big in the media and promote an alternative agenda from a different perspective. Anders Mildner got the audience to consider how the Internet sharing logic affects our content. We usually know what will generate much attention, and that we might not publish information that doesn’t. These are important questions not only to journalists but to any one working with social media in organizations. The thread was picked up by Mathias Klang which angered some in the audience by saying that the authority (which libraries are) should not have humor, I chose to interpret this so that authority can have humor in their message but it obviously must be adapted to the medium that is in use. Humor itself must never obscure the message or be unsuitable. It can never be a goal for an authority to be popular in social media.

It was a very interesting afternoon and that participants had really only one question: where was the cake for the afternoon tea?

Book recommendations from the day that were mediated by the scene that the library holds:

The-Future-of-Ideas-Cover    The-Shallows

Text: Lisa Carlson

Have you thought about tweeting?

You probably know about twitter, maybe you even use it but mostly for private stuff like following your favorite movie star, bands, some friends, maybe even some news channels and politicians. There are other ways to use twitter as well. Twitter might be the easiest way to start creating your professional profile and identity. You could use Twitter to follow researchers, specific research areas or for your project work.

London School of Economics and Political Science has made a guide for academics to get started with Twitter and how it can be used in different contexts. The guide illustrates some different tweeting styles, how to build up a crowd of followers and even how to use Twitter for your benefit in project work.

The School has even asked its followers on Twitter to contribute names of their favorite people from different fields of science to follow. They have then made separate lists in different fields such as Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities. Take a look at the lists and you might find some interesting people to follow.  Blog post on the favorite people on Twitter to follow can be found here.

Follow University of Borås on Twitter @hogskolaniboras or follow some of us librarians: @l_m_carlson and @msmiila.

Text: @msmiila