Interlibrary Loan


Looking for a book that we do not have at the university library? Then you can always use interlibrary loan.

Interlibrary loan means that we borrow books or articles for you from other libraries around the country.

If you want to interlibrary loan through the library’s website, you should go into loans and purchases. Select if you want to loan a book or an article. Note! you should know that for ordering an article it´s going to cost 40kr/article.

Fill out the form with chippnr and last name. Make sure that your name, address and E-mail are correct. Enter then book title, author and year. Remember that all fields with a red star must be filled. Now you can click on the send-off so that your order sends to the library’s interlibrary loan department.

To order an article, enter the title of the journal, author, volume and number. Enter as much information as possible so that we quickly can order your article. Even here must all fields with a red star be filled.

Text: Tandis Talay