Lean UX


This week we were some librarians from the University of Borås who completed a project where the goal was to go through our library systems. We have a lot, some of the systems enables you to borrow books, find articles and then download them in full text, for example. During two days we were in Gothenburg and listened with interest to conclusions from other librarys. But there were also a number of external speakers at the conference. One of them, Sara Lerén from Combitech presented the method of Lean UX for us.

Briefly, I can say that Lean UX is about how a person feels for a system or a product. It goes outside user perspective and is about creating a value for a system. And they believe in Lean UX that it is achieved by testing, testing and then testing their product over and over again to continually develop it.

Sara showed a film for us that I share with you below.

What does this have to do with the library then? Of course, we wish that the systems that our users have to use for example being able to use our e-resources has value and is perceived in a positive way. We welcome your feedback on how you experience our website or when you want to borrow a book or really anything at biblioteket@hb.se.

Sara also gave a book tip if you want to learn more: Lean UX: Applying Lean Principles to Improve User Experience by Jeff Gothelf. You can read it as an e-book through the library’s subscription to Safari books.

Text: Lisa Carlson