Google Reader is shutting down


Do you subscribe to RSS? Do you use Google Reader to do that? Then it is time to find a replacement. Google announced in March that they will shut down Google reader first of July. So it is time to try out some replacements.

rss1If you are not using RSS-reader it might be an idea to start with it. RSS is an abbreviation of Really Simple Syndication which is used to subscribe to content from a number of websites to a RSS reader.The point is that you do no need to visit  websites and blog but the updates are delivered to you. You can easily keep up with updates.

There are a number of different reader to replace Google Reader with. One of them is Feedly which I am using. It was easy to export my content from Google Reader to Feedly, just login with your google-account.

There are other readers aswell such as: Blogglovin’,  FlipboardNewsifyNewsblurTheOldReaderNetvibesPulseFeedbinCommaFeedCurataReaderFeedReader…you should be able to find one that you like.

Text: Pieta Eklund