New semester – a couple of tips

There are still a couple of weeks before the fall semester starts. Hopefully everyone is filled with energy from the summer and are full of expectations for the semester and all the new knowledge. To keep up with us at the library you could follow us on Facebook and Twitter. You can also tag the University of Borås with #hogskolaniboras in Instagram or follow hogskolaniboras.

Here are some tips from us at the library to all new and old students.

You will be needing course litterature. There are a couple of ways to get your hands om course litterature. you can buy used books. Check out University of Borås Facebook (mostly in Swedish) noticeboards outside of the library and the red lunch restaurant in Balder. You can also find used course litterature at or at We have course books for loan but we only have one or two copies, but we have a reference copy which is not for loan. You may read it here at the library. Read how the course litterature works.

Books that are on loan can always be reserved. The loan period is shortened and you should receive the book shortly. Read rules and regulations for borrowing books. Sometimes we might not have the book you are looking for but then we can either borrow it from another library or if our librarians think that it could be useful to our users we purchase the book. Read about loans and purchases.

There are resources to ease your studies if you happen to have some reading or writing difficulties.

Studies here at the University of Borås means that you will have to write reports, papers and thesis. In these you must refer to different types of sources to build and defende the arguments you make in your paper. You should learn how to manage your references. You should also be critical of your sources and you should not plagiarize. Also, you need to think of the copyright law.

You will probably have many questions and thoughts and you are always welcom to the library with them. We will resume our ordinary opening hours on Monday 16th of August, Mon – Thu 8-20, Fri 8-18. We will also be open on weekends, Sat-Sun 11-16.

Check our page for new students for more information on e.g. searching information, databases, the buildning and what kind of data support we offer at the library.

Welcome to a new fall semester with us!

Text: Pieta Eklund