E-media at LLR


LLR got its first electornic journal for 15 years ago.

In 1988 LLR joins Bibsam’s national agreement where three databases were included:  Academic Search Elite från Ebsco, 1085 journals from different subject areas, IDEAL which had 175 titles from Academic Press and MUSE with 45 titles in hu med 45 titlar in humanities from John Hopkins University Press.

Today LLR subscribes to over 35 000 electronic journals. We have also activeted about 15 000 electronic journals from open sources. Through us the students and staff of University of Borås has access to over 146 000 electronic books.

For comparison you should know that we have about 300 print journals and about 100 000 print books on our shelves.
LLR has become a digital library!
Pieta Eklund
Karin Ekström