Guest blogger Helena Francke


We will have a series of blog posts about academic texts. We get a lot of questions about whether a text is scientific or not. This is why we decided to contact one of our researchers. She got the task to write in an easy way a blog post about scientific texts. This task resulted in seven blogposts which we will be publishing during the following weeks in this blog.

Helena Francke is a senior lecturer at the Swedish School of Library and Information Science. She has written her doctoral thesis on scholarly journals and the document and information architecture in open access journals. Her doctoral thesis (Re)creations of scholarly journals is available in BADA.

This is how she introduces herself:

Helena_FranckeMy name is Helena Francke and I am a lecturer in Library and Information Science. I will be guest blogging about academic texts during a couple of weeks.


We have introductory discussions on our programmes at BHS on which texts are regarded as academic, just like in any other programmes and courses at the university. In some cases this is obvious but not always. This fall I have had a couple of lectures on the matter for our new students on our bachelor’s programmes. Also, I support students at master’s programme as they work with academic texts. In one of the courses the students set up their own scientific journal which they also write articles for.


There is a research area in Library and Information Science which consentrates on scientific publishing and scientific communication: to understand the role of publishing within differenc scientific fields and how these publications are then organized systematically, made accessible and spread via libraries among other channels. In my own research I have been interested in the new trends in scientific publishing such as distribution online and open access publishing.


It is not enough to read a blog post or listen to a lecture to truly understand and to form an opininon of the scientific quality in all texts. To lear this requires one to search and read many types of texts, discussing them with others etc. The purpose with the coming blog posts is to give you tips and tools which will be usefull when forming an opinion. Then it is all about continuing reading!


//Helena Francke, lector at BHS


Pieta Eklund

Text is translated from Swedish and all possible mistakes are Pietas.