Future of libraries


Via Peter Alsbjer’s blog (in Swedish).

Some knowledgeable librarians and library consultants are discussing library trends. David Lee King writes a blog about library trends and social media is leading the conversation where among others Marshall Breeding takes part. They are discussing among other things the mobile technology and digital library user experiment men även 3D printing and makerspace and the effect this has on libraries. The film is an hour long.

One other report which might be of interest to read is the Horizon Report 2013 Higher Education Edition. Also in this report 3D-printing, makerspace and maker-movement is discussed.

Maker-movement is about anyone coming in and working on their own or someone else’s project, share experience and knowledge. To co-operate is also an important part in the movement. The idea is to inspire people to become creators instead of just consuming but how does it effect the library? In what way can a library be or become a maker space? The White House and Obama administration have been interested in the movement and are going to arrange a Maker Faire.

Pieta Eklund