Watch video abstracts!


Instead of reading abstracts to see if an article is of interest for you and your student paper you could see if there might be a video abstract. A number a journals have started providing authors the possibility to post a video abstract in connection with their research paper, i.e. Cell, New Journal of Physics, BMJ, Journal Number Theory. It seems though that it is journals within STM (Science, Technology, Medicine) that have come further with video abstracts than other areas. Those interested in humanities and social sciences will have to wait a while longer. With video abstracts STM research might become a bit a available even to those not so comfortable with the subject areas.

These clips are also an alternative to other Youtube clips that you watch while waiting for the food to be done or for the bus to come. Take this video on emperor penguins and how is it that they are able to breath in the harsh cold of South Pole when other species aren’t.

Or maybe this on on why some mimics are imperfect (e.g. hoverflies look like wasps) and howcome they still are imperfect despite evolution?

Pieta Eklund