It is soon midsummer and we here at the Library want to wish you all a relaxing midsummer! Midsummer is one of the most important holidays, if not the most important, in Sweden. It has been celebrated as the breakpoint of the working year in the agrarian society. It has also had religious connections and was originally celebrated in St Johns honour.

It is also the time for magic and supernatural entities, e.g. by collecting seven different kinds of flowers and sleeping with them under your pillow your future love is said to appear.

Also, we want to recommend the sculpture walk arranged by the Borås City. One of the sculptures you will hear more about is the new one in front of Textile Fashion Center, House of Knowlegde by Jaume Plensa. We’ll meet again when the fall semester begins.


House of Knowledge by the artist Jaume Plensa

Pieta Eklund