Getting a librarycard?


A few of you who start their studies this fall finds your way into the library, wanting to get a library card and start looking for literature. In our library, we no longer use library cards. However, you can use your chip, which also is used for accessing the universitys premises, to borrow books with, along with the pin code that you chose. If you need to change your pin code, contact the Studentoffice or the library information desk and we will help you change it.

chipIf you’re a brand new student and not yet received any chip but still want to borrow books, you get this when you visit us for the first time. Don’t forget that a lot of literature is available in digital format and require your personal login that the university provides you with. Students with reading and writing difficulties are able to borrow course literature in alternative formats from MTM (Swedish Agency for Accessible Media), see our website for further information.

If you’re not a student at the university you use your swedish personal number along with a pin code that you choose when visiting us for the first time for borrowing books. This way of borrowing can also be used by students, staff or faculty.


Text and picture: Lisa Carlson