Curious about Karl Lagerfeld?


These days before the semester starts you might have time to think about how Karl Lagerfeld sees the world. If you’re interested to learn more about him we have two suggestions for you. We have the film (see statusLagerfeld Confidential. The film is a close and personal portrait of this fashion icon. The film was nominated in 2007 for a Golden Eye by the Zurich Film Festival in the category of Best New Documentary.

Among our recent acquisitions (you currently find it on “the new acquisition shelf” on level 4) we have a book on the same subject; The World According to Karl described below at the Adlibris website, this is a collection of his opinions (which he honestly disclose in the above filmtip) in a accessible manner.

“Here, in his own deadpan words, are his exacting opinions on everything-from fashion, style, women, and Chanel to fame, life, and books. This is the ultimate repertoire of wit and wisdom from fashion’s sharpest pin. “I only know how to play one role: me.” “Think pink. But don’t wear it.” “I like everything to be washable, myself included.” “Change is the healthiest way to survive.” “I don’t recommend myself as a guest.” “There is one thing I love on earth: to learn.” “



We also have books about Chanel and Fendi so visit us and check them out.

See you monday when the semester starts!

Text and picture: Lisa Carlson