Looking for your litterature?

The library aims to have at least one copy as an e-book or physical book of all the books that appear on a literature list to any of the University’s courses. To this we also have one reference copy (physical) which is meant to be used only in the library, and can’t be borrowed home.

The articles included in the literature lists you often find via Summon by searching for the title or author (more on this in an upcoming post here on the blog) and will thus access the journals the library subscribes to. You may need to log in with your user credentials which are the same as for example logging on to Ping Pong, same goes for e-books that can be found on your reading list.

How do we know if a book is available as reference copy? We start as usual from Summon which is the library search service. Write the title or author in the search box and you get a list of results that looks something like this:


Here you find all the information you need to know if the book is a reference copy. If you choose to click through from the results list, you get more detailed information on the book:



The swedish word KURSBOK means referencecopy and is the word to look for. Among other info on this page are loanperiods of a certain book and also the possibility to reserve it.

At last it’s time to visit the 1st floor of the library where you find a shelf with books labeled Course Reference. To find the book; see the green rings in the pictures above. They indicate where on the shelf the book is. In this case the book is under the letter G for Gattorna, the book’s author. But the book can also be on the title so be sure to note the information on the location. If the book is not in place, the most common explanation is that it is used by someone else and it usually comes in place during the day. If you can’t find the book several days in a row it’s good to contact the information desk on level 2. Also if you find that one of the books on your course list does not have a reference copy please contact the information desk to inform of the book’s title and to what course it belongs.

Text & pictures: Lisa Carlson