Visit from Bamberg, Germany


For nearly two weeks, the Library has had a visit by librarians from the German University Library in Bamberg. On tuesday they introduced how they work with information litteracy with their users since this is the purpose of the collaboration.

Bamberg is a major university (founded in 1647) and consists of a total of six libraries in which much of the material is not available and must be ordered up from their magazines. The University has an emphasis on humanities, which affects the libraries’ holdings so that they still have a lot of printed books and magazines. Here, one can draw a parallel to our own university library, where we have the responsibility to provide the School of Textiles with materials that often are in physical form.

Just like at our university, some of the library’s courses are compulsory, they have a short introduction just when all students starting at the university like us. Subsequently, the courses “Library Use” and “Database Search” are given. There are also a number of optional courses, “Internet Resources” “Professional Search” and “Reference Management”. The University Library also offers courses for employees of the University, including topics like publishing and referencing.

A big difference on how we work is that highschool students are turning to the university library. Students can come with their school class and attend a course in how a university library is used and learn more about the practice of information retrieval, in addition, they can come and try how it is to be “Student For a Day “. Courses are also given for teacher of literature search and internet search. In Sweden, school libraries and school librarians are much more common than in Germany.


Here is one of the libraries belonging to the University of Bamberg.




Steffen Illig has stayed for nearly two weeks and he has identified a number of differences that are used as a basis for discussion between library staff. Among them was that we have a greater percentage of e-resources than in Bamberg. Another is that Bamberg are responsible for the release of books produced at the university of Bamberg, while we in Borås has a responsibility for the publication but not the release.

This type of exchange is very rewarding and the cooperation and contact with the Bamberg University Library will continue.

Text: Lisa Carlson