Find scientific articles

We notice in the library’s information points that you students are searching for scientific articles in quite extensively right now. Therefore, we highlight a blog post from last fall on how to go about finding scientific articles in Summon. Enjoy!

Have you been instructed to seek a scientific article and read it, present it, and critically assess it? Have you then had difficulty finding one? You might even think about what a scientific article is. We have written in the blog a few times before, what scientific publishing is as well as source criticism. Scientific articles are short articles that report described the results of scientific studies. It is the communication channel between researchers. The Library has numerous scientific journals containing scientific articles and you must use database search to find them.

First you need to think about what subject you want to find a scientific article about. It does not matter if it is, for example in health care, education, information science, law, or the development of technologies to extract energy from old jeans, you can still start with Summon, one of the library’s search tool.

You should first think about which search terms that may be of interest, therefore, the concept describes the topic you want to find articles within, and start your search with those terms. You can not start your search by searching for “scientific article” for then you will get hits on “how to write a scientific article”, which may not be what you want.

Also note that most of the Librarys available material is in english, which is the communicate language of scientific results, which means that you usually have to do your search in english.


To the left of the results list is something that librarians call facet. These are ways for you to narrow your search. In the picture to the right you will see some options. If you check in “Peer-review” to get hits on articles from scientific publications which means that the material published are examined and found to achieve an academic level. Obviously you still need to do a review of the article, since there are different types of articles, even in journals that are considered to contain scientifically reviewed material. If you select “Scientific Publications“, it means that you limit to material published in peer-reviewed publications but also materials that target audiences in the scientific / academic context. Therefore, the “peer-review publications” is preferable if you are just looking for a scientific article. In the content type, you can choose to limit you to the type of publication eg books / e-book, journal article, patent, etc. There are more facets to choose from and they can further narrow your search.

Text & Picture: Pieta Eklund och Lisa Carlson