Help with your references

You can use automatic features of the various search engines to get the information to be included in the bibliography.

Summon – / library
The library’s multi-search discovery tool. Here you will find references to our printed books and lots of e-books and articles.

Libris –
Sweden’s national library catalog. Here you can find books, dissertations, reports, and so forth, available at Swedish libraries.

Google Scholar – 
Here you can do a broad search for scientific literature. You also can find student papers, theses, books, abstracts and articles, from universities and academic publishers here. Note, however, that everything in Google Scholar is not “scientific” but there are still different in content and functions other than the search engine Google.

Completing required
Please note that the appearance and content can vary between different search engines – therefore, always make sure that all references in your source list has a consistent look and follows the style you’ve chosen to use. Especially Swedish article references are sometimes inaccurate and needs to be adjusted. Below two examples from the Harvard style:

Reference to the book:
Eklund, K. (2007). Our economy: An introduction to the national economy. 11. Edition, Stockholm: Norstedt academic publishers.

The reference to article:
Elmqvist, C., Brown, D., Fridlund, B., & Ekebergh, M. (2010). Being first on the scene of an accident – experiences of ‘doing’ prehospital emergency care. Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences, 24 (2), ss. 266-273.COLOURBOX7313844

Other databases and search engines
The subject-specific databases that the library subscribes to also have these features.Contact the library if you have any questions regarding any individual database!

Text: Sara Hellberg

Updated: 2014-10-03 Lisa Carlson