Open access week 2014


The annual open access week will be noticed in our blog. We will be publishing a post about topics related to open access. Before that you could take a look at our previous post on open access.

Open Access promotes free access to science. It is wrong that taxpayers through universities and colleges have to pay for research several times through:

1. financial support for research at the university and colleges where research is produced

2. researcher reviewing other researchers’ articles (in peer-reviewed journals) are not paid by publishers, they are paid by the university since it is done during workhours when employed by a university

3. university libraries then buy published research from the publishers in the form of journals and databases for access to the results

In our other blog Forskningsrelaterat (Research related) we write about  open access. Previous blog posts can be read here.We write a series of blog posts during this week, five to be exact on varying topics. These blog posts can be followed here.

Here is a film that simply explains Open Access for those who are not familiar with the concept:

We also take the opportunity to tip about the documentary Internet’s own boy that’s freely available on Youtube. It is about Aaron Swartz who was one of the earliest protesting against these norms and wrote the nowadays known Guerilla Open Access Manifesto. The film is freely available to see under a CC-licens, this feels right given that Aaron Swartz was one of the people behind creative commons.

Text: Pieta Eklund and Lisa Carlson

Guerilla Open Access Manifesto