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This year’s Open Access Week draws to a end, our exhibition in the Library’s main floor will remain a few more days. In the exhibition, we have a couple of books on Open Access from different perspectives.

One of the books is called simply Open Access and in this brief introduction Peter Suber tells us what open access is and isn’t, how it benefits authors and readers of research, how we pay for it, how it avoids copyright problems, how it has moved from the periphery to the mainstream, and what its future may hold. Distilling a decade of Suber’s influential writing and thinking about open access, this is the indispensable book on the subject for researchers, librarians, administrators, funders, publishers, and policy makers.

open-accessThe book is found both as physical copy, but also as e-book. A search for more books on open access in Summon is available here.

Text: Lisa Carlson