Conduct Policy for the Library


Now that our new quiet studyroom is open, it may be appropriate to remind of the regulations we have for everyone’s enjoyment in the library premises.

Conduct Policy for the Library

The library is a place of work for many visitors and staff. Together we can create a good working environment by following the code of conduct described below.

  • Adjust the sound level. We ask you to speak in a normal tone of voice, set your mobile phone on silent mode and avoid making telephone calls when you are close to the Information Point and work stations.
  • Total silence is to be kept in the Quiet study room. Eating candy or listening to music with ear phones might be regarded as disturbing.
  • You may bring beverages in capped bottles or in cups with a top cover when you are studying in the library. Sweets and fruit are also allowed. Please make sure you dispose of litter in the wastepaper basket and leave the premises the way you wish to find them.
  • Please use the facilities, equipment and material in the library with care. Leave pieces of furniture in the place where you found them.
  • Computers are only to be used according to the ethical rules of SUNET ( must have a user-ID to be able to use the computers in the library. The university provides you with a user-ID. Students from other universities may obtain a temporary user-ID by contacting the library staff.

Read more on our website about group study rooms, storage lockers, work places and rental of the premises.

Contact Tove or Christel if you have any further questions on or


//Lisa Carlson