Essay Tips – Scientific articles


In a series of blog posts we compile useful resources and helpful information for all of you students who are currently writing an essay or thesis. In the second post we give you tip on some good resources for those who want to know how to recognize a scientific article.

Appearance and Presentation of the scientific articles may vary between disciplines, but common is that they have a structure like this:

Abstract (an abstract is usually found on the first page, and is a short summary of the article’s purpose, method, results and discussion)
Introduction (why have you researched this subject?)
Method (how the study has been carried out?)
Results (what was the conclusion?)
Discussion (what conclusions are drawn?)
References (the reference list is often long and contains references to many other scientific studies)

For an article to be scientific, it also needs to be published in a scientific journal. In the journal index Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory, you can see if the journal is scientific (refereed) to determine what type of article you found.

Text: Sara Hellberg (translated by Lisa Carlson)