Essay Tips – How do format my word document?

Do you write your essay with someone? Are you working on a lot of different directions? Then you can use Google Drive to store files in one place and to create text documents that both of you can edit at the same time while you are chatting with each other. Google Drive is also able versioning of documents you work with, so you can go back to a previous version if needed. You can also store files, create simple spreadsheets and presentations. Documents created in Google Drive can then be saved into file formats that are compatible with Microsoft Office, such as Word. The final adjustments in your essay, always needs to be done in Word because the editing capabilities of the drive is limited.

Use Google’s help pages, or search up tutorials on YouTube if you want to know more about any particular function, or ask at the library information desk.

Text: Sara Hellberg, translated by Lisa Carlson

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