The film about Alan Turing – Codebreaker


ThisAlan_Turing_photo Friday, a film about a well-known scientist is premiered at Swedish cinemas. It’s the film The Imitation Game  with Alan Turing as main character. Turing was an English mathematician and logician who during World War II led the efforts to decihper the Germans code for secret messages. This was done using an electromechanical machine that Turing construated.

Alan Turing was born in 1912 and died in 1954 (from cyanide poisoning), during his time in life Turing achieved a lot, among other things he is known as one of the founding fathers to modern computer science. Turing is also known for the Turing test, a test used to evaluate artificial intelligence (AI).

If you want to read more about Alan Turing, or read some of the articles written by him, check out the sources below, all of them are available through the library. Search for the title you’re intreseted in using Summon and you will find the book or article.

Articles written by Alan Turing:
– Turing, A.M. & Bayley D. (2012). Report on Speech Secrecy System DELILAH, a Technical Description Compiled by A. M. Turing and Lieutenant D. Bayley REME, 1945–1946. Cryptoligica, 36, ss 295-340.

– Turing, A.M. (2003). Alan M. Turing’s critique of running short cribs on the U.S. Navy Bombe. Cryptologica, 27, ss. 44-49.

Books written about Alan Turing:

Essential Turing: Classic Writings on Minds and Computers av Jack B. Copeland, published 2004 (e-book).

Alan Turing av Jim Eldridge, published 2013 (Printed book).

Alan Turing av Sara Turing, published 2012 (e-book).

Alan Turing and his Contemporaries: Building the World’s First Computers av Simon Lavington, Chris Burton och Martin Campbell-Kelly, published 2012 (e-book).

Alan Turing: The Enigma av Andrew Hodges, published 2012 (e-book).

turingbockerText: Katharina Nordling