Hawking: The Theory of Everything


1990023_origIt was not long ago we wrote a film related post in this blog, and now it’s time for another film about a prominent scientist. This time it’s the famous theoretical physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking, who’s also from Britain. The film in question is called The Theory of Everything and is about Hawking’s love of life, physics, and his wife Jane.

As a 21-year-old graduate student Hawking were informed that he had ALS, a nerve disorder that causes the nerve cells that control the body’s muscles to gradually atrophy. The disease often shortens the life significantly, and half of those affected die within 3 years, and another 25 percent die within five years after the first symptoms. Stephen Hawking has now lived for over 50 years after he received his first symptoms.

In theoretical cosmology and quantum mechanics Hawking has made significant achievements. He has among other things (along with three other scientists) developed a mathematical proof that all black holes can be fully described by the three characteristics mass, angular momentum, and electric charge. In addition he, on his own, presented a hypothesis that black holes can actually emit radiation, known as Hawking radiation.

Hawking has also written some bestselling popular science books in the field of physics, some of these are available to borrow from us at the library. If you’d rather read scientific articles written by Hawking, you can find several pieces in the journals we subscribe to.

hawking_booksText: Katharina Nordling

Photo: Stephen Hawkings web page.