Journals in Library and Information Science


Library and information science has strong roots in Borås. The Swedish school of Library and Information science started here in 1972 and have since then been strong, both in undergraduate teaching and research. This of course affects the library as one of our main tasks is to ensure that our collections reflect the University of Borås specializations and profiles. We would like to show you some journals that focus on particular library and information science. Many researchers in the subject here at the University has been published in these journals.

Journal of Documentation (JDoc) is one of the most established academic journals in the field of library and information science. It gives a unique insight into the theories, concepts, models, frameworks and philosophies. JDoc works a bit like a link between research and professional practice, and many items can be quoted over a long period of time. The journal publishes research papers containing new methods or results of wide significance, and then in all information-related disciplines. Here at the library we have the journal in print between 1945-2005 in shelf A: 32 in the compact shelves at the first floor.

DSC_0118You can also read JDoc electronically via Emerald from 1945 onwards.

JofDThe journal Scientometrics is about the quantitative functions and features found in science and scientific research. Emphasis is placed on investigations involving the development and mechanism of science and is studied by statistical mathematical methods.

The journal publishes original studies, preliminary reports, review articles, letters to the editor, and book reviews. Because of its interdisciplinary character, the journal is important for researchers and research administrators. It may for example provide valuable assistance to librarians and documentalists in central scientific authorities, research institutes and laboratories.

You can reach Scientometrics electronically via Springer from 1978 onwards.

ScientometricsLibrary & Information Science Research, a cross-disciplinary and refereed journal, focuses on the research process in library and information science as well as research findings and, where applicable, their practical applications and significance.

librryandinformationsciAs a library user you can access the material electronically from 1994 onwards. In print the journal can be found on the first floor in the compact shelves at shelf A: 170. The library has subscriptions for the years 1983-2001 when it comes to the print version. Many of our older volumes are traditionally bound to be stored in printed form and thus have a similar look and will last better. This applies to many of our journals where we have long suites. Today, it is not as important as we more and more invests in electronic material when it comes to journals.

DSC_0061On the first floor at the Library, we have put together quite a sizable collection of older material on the subject. The idea is that it should provide a basis for future research in the area, but also appears as examples of materials that are not issued today, for example, bibliographies. So please visit the 1st floor and browse the material!

DSC_0123Text: Lena Holmberg, Karin Ekström, Hanna Hallnäs
Picture: Lena Holmberg