The atlas of the universe


Check out this amazing book that I found on the shelf during a cleaning session. The atlas of the universe  felt like a mission impossible, is not the universe infinite? But I realize that the author still has done its best.

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It turns out to be none other than Sir Patrick Moore, a British well-known astronomer and TV profile who put together the book with the help of all the world’s research in the area. It has been brought in new editions since it was first published in 1970 and contains exciting chapter for example observation and exploration of space, Atlas of the Earth from space, atlas of the moon atlas of the solar system, and so on. The book is full with amazing pictures, maps, facts and research about the all of the universe. At the end of the book there is a huge vocabulary which may be needed because who really knows what dichotomy, penumbra or tektites means? I do´nt. Now I think we must update and purchase the latest edition because even if the universe has been around for over billions of years, we have only since the 1970 discovered new parts and gathered more information on this exciting topic!

Sir Patrick Moore has a long television career behind him and has also been the host from start to finish in the popular BBC series The Sky at Night between 1957-2012.
A fun fact is that Sir Patrick Moore has published books along with Queen guitarist Brian May and Chris Lintott, cohost on the success TV series. Take a look at the site here.

You’ll find more books by Patrick Moore at the library in Summon.

You learn something new every day!

Text: Lena Holmberg
Pictures: From the book Atlas of the Universe