Access to standards and the database e-nav


We have noticed that interest in standards has increased recently. Great fun, we think! We would therefore like to tell a little bit extra about the database e-nav that we subscribe to. The database is provided by SIS (Swedish Standard Institute) and gives us access to a selection of standards, e.g. in the textile area, management systems and Eurocodes.

The database is primarily focused on Swedish adopted standards, which always starts with “SS” in the standard designation. Please note that this doesn´t mean that all standards are translated into Swedish, many standards are in fact in English or in both languages.

Besides the Swedish adopted standards, there is the option to add other standards, such as ISO standards that are not Swedish admitted, ASTM, DIN. These are not included in our subscription to e-nav and therefore entails an additional cost to the library.

Once in the database, you can search among the standards we subscribe to, or the entire database:


It is clearly shown in the list if we have access to the standard or not:


You always have access to the latest version of the standard, but also expired standards are searchable.

On the 3rd floor in the library, we have class sets of standards on management systems, such as EN ISO 9001 and 14001. These standards are also available in e-nav and for them to be easy to find in the database, we have created a list:


Most of the standards that we have access to are also searchable via Summon. Since not all is we recommend that you visit e-nav, as a complement to Summon.


Are you missing a standard in e-nav? Please contact us at the library and we will investigate if it is possible to add to the database.

Text and picture: Hanna Hallnäs