Easter Crime



Påskekrim (Easter Crime) is a Norwegian tradition from the 1920s which today basically means that the publishing of crime novels in Norway occurs at the same time as Easter and can promote the reading of some easy- reading crime fiction during the holiday. In Sweden it is nowadays also a relatively well-known concept but is not linked to the book industry in the same way as in Norway. Instead, we have a tradition to publish new crime novels before the summer holidays.So the common connection is to take time to read when you have time off from work. So why not take the opportunity to read a crime novel during the Easter holiday!

The Library have put together a little exhibition with crime fiction on the entrance floor. All the books are for loan and you find more at the 4th floor at shelves Hc/Hce and novels in english at shelf He.

Text: Lena Holmberg
Picture: Karin Ekström