Table of Contents in Word


In this post i will describe how heading formats can be used to create an automatic table of contents.To create an automatic table of contents you need to make sure that all the headings is formatted as headings. Mark the text you want to have as a heading enter the home tab and click on a heading of your choice.

Home, Styles and Headings.

StylesNote that the name of the function is styles. If you have a smaller display the interface will look different.

The different headings are for different parts of the document. Usually you use heading1 for the introduction, background, method and so on. You can divide these into subheadings using heading2 and then you can use heading3 as subheadings for heading2.


If you do not like the way the heading text looks you can change it by choosing between different styles. You can also edit the styles you are using by right clicking on the heading you are using and modify.


Tables, figures and formulas
If you have tables, figures and formulas in your text you can create a separate table of figures. as with earlier headings you need to give these figures some kind of formatting. You do this by right clicking on the picture or table (when it comes to tables you need to right click on the left corner of the table) and insert caption:

Insert caption              Det finns olika typer av figurrubriker: Figur, Formel eller Tabell.

When all the document headings is in place it is time to create the table of contents. You find the functions in the references tab.

References, table of contents, captions.

When you add the table of figures you get to choose which caption label you want to ad  tabeller, figurer och formler it is important that you ad the ones you have used.

Caption labels.

When you have the table of contents in place you can update them by right clicking the table and update field. You do this if there are page changes or if you enter any new headings.


In earlier posts we have covered things like Formating in Word  where we show how to ad section breaks to be able to remove unwanted page numbers.

Text & Photo: Thomas Nyström