Course books – how does it work?

Do you want to know a little more about how it works with course books in the library? Each semester, we get the course booklists from most faculties at the university, and we buy at least two copies of each book. One loan and one course reference book. The latter is a reference copy, which can´t leave the library it can only be used in here. You find all course reference books at the 1st floor at the Library and they are sorted in alphabetical order with a yellow sticker on the back.

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Take the book you want and read in the library or copy a chapter or two, and then put it back on a trolley so the next person can get access to the book. The copy you can borrow is for loan at two weeks and you can renew the book if no one else waits for it, otherwise it must be returned. All because so many people as possible should be aible to read them during the course. A course book can also be found as an e-book and can be read both here at the university and away from home, it is your computer login that you use to login with. All textbooks are included in the library catalog and have two placements, it may look like this for example:


The top copy is the course reference book that you find on the 1st floor and the lower is the lending speciments that you find placed on the subject out in the library. The course reference book may not always be in place down thre at the 1st floor because someone else might be reading it. Come back later and look for it again!

But why can´t we have class sets of everything? We have not the opportunity for a variety of reasons. First, we have no place for it, the library must accommodate a lot of other literature and other things than textbooks. Second, we can not afford it, the library has a media budget to follow each year and it is within its framework we purchase course books. We must also ensure that our book collection contains good books that can be used in essay writing and other school work.

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If you want to buy your course bokks, the Student Bookstore at Allégatan is a good choice, they have almost all of the university course books and good prices. Online bookshops as Adlibris and Bokus often have a wide range of literature. On the university notice boards are often advertisements for the sale of used textbooks to be found, and on the sites and bokbörsen, you can search for used books.

Text & picture: Lena Holmberg