How to make a Copy


  • Use your access card to log in on the printer


  • use the touch screen and push OK on the summary pop-up showing your printing information to close it.
  • Choose the Kopia (copy) function on the display.


  • Use the printer settings so that it does what you want it to do.
    When copying, place the original on the glas, make sure the original fits inside the copy frame. You can change the size using the zoom function.


If the original consists of loose sheets you can add them into the feeder on top of the printer. if the sheets are one sided you have to place the original with the text facing upward.

Several pages

If your original has printing on both sides it will not matter what side your paper is facing. But be sure to edit the duplex/komb funktion from 1 sidigt – 1sidigt to 2 sidigt – 2 sidigt.


  • Push the start button “the big green one” to start copying.


  • When you are done make sure to log out.

Text (roughly translated from): Print and Collect 
Picture: Thomas Nyström