How to Scan


Do you know it´s free to scan? Scan can be a good alternative to copy. In this blog post you get a description about how to use our different scanners.

Scan with the printers

Now it´s possible for you to scan with our printers. The scanned originals are sent to your student e-mail. Follow the instructions below.

1. Login to a printer with your chip or your username.                                                 Choose Scan/Fax.


2. In the following step select E-post Me. Then choose your settings. If you want to scan more than 1 page choose 2-sided, otherwise 1-sided. After that you press the blue startbutton.


3. You scan your documents by pressing the startbutton. When all your pages are scanned press Finish. Press the startbutton a last time to send your dokuments to your E-mail. Notice that your scanned documents are sent to your student E-mail, sxxxxxx@student.hb.


Scanners in the Library

In the Library you find two scanners. On floor 1 there is a scanner that can take originals up to size A4. On floor 5 you can scan up to size A3. The scanners are different.

Scanner on floor 1, A4.

You find the scanner in the white booth opposite the course reference books.

1. Login to the computer that are next to the scanner. Use your username. Put your original in the scanner with the text/picture facing downward.


2. Press EPSON Scan on the computer´s desktop.

Skanna 2.3_0233

3. Press Skanna on the page that follows.

Skanna 110235

4. The scanner read your document so it will be like the original. If your original is in colour you get it in colour, if it´s in black and white you get it black and white. Your scanned document ends up in the Epson file manager.

Scanner on floor 5, A3

You find the scanner in the computer hall J517. Notice that the scanner is connected with all the computers in the room so you can use any computer.

1. Start the scanner.                                                                                                              To find the scanner in the computer select:                                                         Startmenyn, HB, BLR, Epson Scanner J517

skanna 5.2_0237

2. In the following step you choose your settings. Note that you here decide if you want your document in colour or black and white. Then press Scan.

skan 105IMG_0238

3. Under Location you choose where to save your document. If you press Browse you get to your files. Name your document under File name. Press OK to start the scanning.

skanna 5 4_0243


Text: Kajsa Magnusson
Picture: Kajsa Magnusson