Read a course book as an e-book!

Today, we give you tips about two well-used e-books that you can read through the library’s subscriptions. A popular e-book that you can find on the platform Ebrary is Information design: an introduction by Professor Rune Pettersson. It is a course book for information designers, technical writers and others who want to produce information and educational material. It is also available in printed format as a course reference in the library but the e-book format allows it to be read by more users at the same time! But how does it work with e-books really? How can I read this book?COLOURBOX3092836

Most of our ebooks are searchable via the library discovery tool Summon. If not, then directly through our various e-book suppliers. We have quite a few, but some of the most widely used is Ebrary, Elib, Dawsonera and Safari. Between these it may look a little different in terms of downloading, printing, ability to highlight and write notes, etc. Most can both be read online or downloaded on your computer but also to the phone and tablet. Read more here! To read an e-book you usually need a free program, either Adobe Reader or Adobe Digital Editions, and then you will also need to obtain an Adobe ID. It works for most e-book platforms. For tablet, is fine to use apps such as Bluefire Reader, Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) and Adobe Reader, but also in this case you will need to have an Adobe ID.

For instant, this book, information design: an introduction, read through Ebrary platform. You get there when you click on the title link or the full text link at the summons hit list. The book can be streamed directly from the site or downloaded to both computer and mobile device, such as tablets. Will you do the latter, you must obtain an account with Ebrary, it’s free and allows you in addition to download the book also utilize various functions such as making links and notes. Click on the sign in and follow the instructions. If you read Ebrary books via tablet, use one of the apps ADE or Bluefire Reader.ebrary

Another textbook that is well used by students is Sjukdomsvärldar: om människors erfarenhet av kroppslig ohälsa, editors Bengt Richt and Gunilla Tegern. (only in swedish) The book is based on stories from people living with various forms of chronic and sometimes severe physical ill-health. You can find it on a completely different e-book platform named Elib. This is a Swedish supplier that the library used for some years. It works in a similar way to read the book, you search Summon and follow the link, where you are asked to sign in (even if you are being at School premises) with your usual user ID for the computers and the book will be borrowed a certain number of days. The book must be read using Adobe Digital Edition on your computer or any of the apps on your tablet.


Sound complicated? The first time you use e-books, you must obtain an Adobe ID and download the software needed to read the book, perhaps get an account with the provider to use more features. But the next time you read an e-book you’ve already done most of the work and the book is ready to be viewed! Many see the benefits of the e-book: it can be read by many at the same time (in most cases), you do not need to carry around a lot of books, it is enough with a computer or tablet. But to keep you reading an entire book on screen? There is a bit of a habit to read e-books, and they appear in most cases better on a tablet or e-reader instead of on the computer screen. And maybe, course books might be such a book that you read a chapter here and a chapter there instead of the whole book. Try and see!

Text: Lena Holmberg
Photo: Colourbox and Lena Holmberg