How it works: Books not available in the library


How it works: In a series of blog posts we try to make the library more understandable to our users. What’s happening in the library? What is the purpose of different machines? What rules are there and why? Read and get some explanations and tips regarding the library!

At the library we have a lot of pileofbooks2books, but there are of course books that we don’t have as well. However, the fact that we don’t have a particular book shouldn’t prevent you from reading it. If you need a book we don’t have – we will do our best to get hold of that book for you.

There are two different ways in which we obtain books, the first option we have is to buy the book. If we choose to buy a book, we order it from one of our suppliers, and as soon as the book has arrived and is ready to be lent to you, we’ll send you an e-mail. The format of the book (e-book/printed) depends on whats available. If we buy a printed book you will find the book at the shelf for reserved books in the library. When you are done with the book, you return it and the book will be a part of our collections – ready to be user by another student or teacher.

The second option for us to obtain a book is to make an interlibrary loan. This means that we will borrow the book from another library, and then we lend the book to you. So you will borrow another library’s book, but you do it through us. We order the book from another, they send us the book, and as soon as the book arrives we’ll send you an e-mail notifying you that the book is waiting for you. When you come to the library to get the book, you’ll find it at the Information Point at the entrance. After you are done with the book, you return it to us, and we send the book back to the other library. If someone else would like to borrow the book at another time, we need to borrow it again.

So what is it that determines which of the above options we choose to get the book for you? In fact there are a number of factors that play into the selection, for example: Is the book new? Is the book’s subject relevant to any of the university disciplines? If the answer is YES to one of these questions it increases the likelihood that we buy the book. If we however believe that it is likely that you are the only one interested in this book, or if the book is old and impossible to buy, we choose to make an interlibrary loan.

Our goal is for you to get access to the books you need whether we actually have the book or not. Therefore it is always worth contacting us if you need a book we do not have, we promise to do our best to find the book for you.

Text: Katharina Nordling