Is it okey if I eat in the Library?


The Library is a place of work for many students at the University. In order to keep the working environment as good as possible, there are some rules to follow when visiting the Library. Here is a quick reminder of the rules concerning food and noise:

Rules regarding food and beverages:

  • You are allowed to eat candy and fruit, but if you want to eat anything else (for example sandwiches, lunch boxes or cookies) we kindly ask you to do this outside the Library.
  • You may drink anything, as long as it doesn’t contain alcohol, and as long as the beverage is kept in a capped bottle or in a cup with a top cover.

Rules regarding sound and noise:

  • The Library is a work place – please mind the sound level – feel free to talk, but keep a normal tone of voice, and we kindly ask you to put your mobile phone in silent mode.
  • The Quiet Study Room is a no-talk-zone. Please respect that listening to music with ear phones might be regarded as disturbing.

If we all follow the rules – we all contribute to making the Library a better place of work!

sandwichText: Katharina Nordling
Picture: Colourbox