Disputation notifications 2015


Last year the there were 24 disputation notifications at the University of Boras. When a thesis is finished the doctoral student need to give four copies of their thesis to the library, two of the copies will be added to our collections, one will be sent to the archive and the last copy will be used in the library spikning ceremony.

The spikning ceremony is to make the dissertation available  to the public before the disputation so that anyone has the possibility to prepare constructive criticism for the disputation seminar. This is also the reason to why the ceremony is at least three weeks before the disputation.

This ritual of nailing the thesis is old. And one of our colleagues found written confirmation about the practice as early as year 1755 [1]. If we look further back we can see similarities with an even older practice like when Martin Luther nailed his 95  theses to the church door in Wittenberg 1517.


The machine we use to make holes in the thesis

At the University of Boras the library is in charge of the spikning ceremony. It starts with someone from the library presenting the author and ends with  mingling, snacks and cider (non-alcoholic).

Right now we have an exhibition of last years dissertations. Feel free to borrow one or more of the thesis from the exhibition cabinets, or read an electronic version in our publication database DiVA.




Last year there was 24 dissertations at the University of Boras, we have collected the ones we have in the library collection.

Text: Thomas
Picture: Thomas

[1] Årsböcker i svensk undervisningshistoria nr 68-69 (1921-): Till Gefle läroverks historia 1577-1850,
 Uppsala: Föreningen för svensk undervisningshistoria. s. 307-308.