Databases and e-resources from home – here’s how to do it!


Databases and e-resources

Virtually all databases and e-resources that the library makes available, you can search and use from home, or from other locations off campus. In order to be able to do so,
it requires that you use the library’s website and the links to the databases from there.

If you choose to go to a database directly from home, by entering the web address of the database, or Googling the name of the database, you probably can’t get access to the database. Here at the university, the computers IP numbers show that the users belong to the university, and because of your IP address on your computer at home is not known for our suppliers, you will probably be denied access.

In order to use the databases from home requires that you verify you as a user belonging to the University of Borås to our proxy server. This is done by logging in with your student account. The links to the databases on the library website are designed so that they know whether you are inside or outside the university’s IP number range. So, if you’re at campus, you get direct access to the selected database, however, if you are at home, you are prompted to log in first, and sent after successful login to the database.

Here’s how to do it!
To make it as easy as possible for you, go to the library website just like when you are here at the university. Select the database or e-resource that you are interested in, click on the link, log in, and you’re ready to start searching, reading or whatever it is you have in mind.

Examples of resources you can access after login

If you experience problems or have questions about access to databases and e-resources from home, contact and we will try to help you.

Text and photo: Klaz Arvidson