Find your way in the Library!


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Have you been using the map of the Library? With help of the map you can search for all kinds of information. You can see where to find newspapers, journals and course litterature. See where the printers are located and where to find the Search Lab and the Language Lab. Under FAQ (frequent asked questions) you get answers to questions like how to refill your user account and what to do if you have forgotten your password. It´s also possible to search for the Library´s staff if you would like to contact any of us.

How to search books via subject fields!

On the tab Our Book Collection you see where and on which floor different subject fields are placed. If you search for books within a subject without a certain title this can be a good way to find relevant literature. We librarians call it to “browse” among the shelves. In this way you can find unexpected pearls of wisdom.

Say for example that you are interested in psychology, in the map you find philosophy and psychology on number 100. If you click the tab you find psychology on number 150, if you then click the tab the marker will show you the exact placement for the subject section!

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You find the map:
– In the Library entranc
– On the Library webpage via –  Map of the premises
– In your phone via the webpage –  Map of the premises


Text: Kajsa Magnusson
Picture: Screen prints from the Wagner guide