Encyclopedia Britannica


Encyclopedia Britannica and Britannica Online is an new resource for the University of Borås but we had a subscription once before. we discovered that the Library was missing an encyclopedia with broad reference books in English for our students and teachers. Britannica has long existed as a printed encyclopedia, the latest (and last) 15th edition was printed in 2010.


Encyclopedias works usually much better these days on the internet. Especially if they can be linked to other resources. If you search Summon (the library’s major search) from our English-language website is a spread of keywords in the Encyclopedia Britannica and you can get a definition of a word or an explanatory article on a subject directly Summon.

In addition to search and read articles, Britannica is offering a so-called workspace in the encyclopedia. By acquiring a personal account on Britannica you can save articles, pictures and also write your own notes which can then be used in your own work and research.

Here are demos of how the database works.

Text: Martin Borg