Read a journal in our lounge!



Most of you already know that the library has many electronic journals but there are also a number of printed journals and magazines to read perhaps seated in a sofa or armchair in the library lounge. Here at the ground floor, we chose not to have so much scientific material. Instead you find more trade and professional journals and some more general journals that may interest everyone.

Examples of journals available in the lounge is Library Journal, Science and Camino. Or why not read Cap & Design, or Web designer?

IMG-20160223-WA0001There are also some more general and more interesting, fun and maybe even more relaxing journals like Time magazine, The Economist, National Geographic and others.

Take the opportunity to sit down a moment in the lounge and browse through some magazines, analyzing trends or read a good article in that particular topic that interests you! If you are lucky, no one discovers where you are, and you can read in peace and quiet.

Text: Lena Holmberg
Picture: Katharina Nordling