Hi Christina Larsson!


In a series of portraits we are introducing the staff at the Library to all our readers and customers. Who are the people working at the library? And what are they doing there? Read our portraits and get to know your library staff! Here you will meet Tina who is the one who worked at the library longest.


What are your main duties?

My main job is to take care of our magazines and books coming to the library. From that they come to the library until they are on the shelf.  I also make sure that all our bills are paid, by putting them all in the university’s accounting system.

For how long have you worked here?

I hardly dare to say it but I’m in my 44th year here at the library. I became unemployed in 1972 after several years as a clerk in a construction company. There was a free job at the library, and I applied for the job, got it and on the way it is…  

What do you do when you’re not at work?

I like to eat a good meal with my friends. I do a lot needlework and in the summer there’s always a lot to do with my summer house and the garden there. Another big interest for me is to drive. I have been an active member in the Motor Transport Corps for many years.

Do you have any book tips you want to share?

As strange as it sounds, I’m no friend of reading. I´m probably too restless when I’m awake and too tired when I go to bed. The last book I read was This is where I leave you by Jonathan Tropper. It is a funny, raw novel about Judd who is forced to spend seven days  with the family after his father’s death.

Text: Christina Larsson & Lena Wadell
Photo: Lena Wadell