Environment and waste separation in the Library



The University has an environmental certification and work for a sustainable development. Be part and contribute to a clean and pleasant environment for all of us here at the Library and at the University, by picking up after your and take care of your waste.

You find waste bins in several places in the Library where you can sort your waste, they are mostly placed near the stairs. There is one waste bin for paper, one for mixed waste, one for tins and bottles. Because we have food restrictions and want the Library to be odourless there is no compost, but fruit is allowed and if you want to compost your banana skin or apple-core you find a collection point outside the Library entrance. There you can recycle glass, metal, plastic, paper-packages, batterise and compost.

Thanks for contributing to an inviting environment!



Text: Kajsa Magnusson
Picture: Kajsa Magnusson