Hi Christel Olsson!


In a series of portraits we are going to introduce the staff at the Library to all our readers and customers. Who are the people working at the library? And what are they doing there? Read our portraits and get to know your librarians! We asked Christel a few questions.


What are your main duties?
I work as a teaching librarian where I mainly teach the students who are studying to be teachers, preschool teachers and leisure-time pedagogues. I’ve worked here for quite a while so I have had the privilege to work with many different things over the years. The last few years have I worked in the function for Customer service but in March this year I started as a teaching librarian in the function for Education.

For how long have you worked here?
I’ve been working here since 2000. First I worked extra as a student assistant when I studied LIS and then (after 6 months at Jönköping University Library) I came here “for real” in 2002. Since then I have been on leave a few times, because of studies, parental leave or other jobs but I have always come back. Before I started here, I moved around and lived both abroad and in Sweden, I have studied and worked at a variety of places.

What do you do when you’re not at work?
I am happy to spend a lot of time with my children, either at the stable or in the icerink. They have caught an interest in my main hobby so now we ride together once a week and I try to practice their interest in figure skating by participating in an adult group, which is both scary and lots of fun. I love spending time with family and friends, I am part of a very cool book club and some other great “dinner-gatherings”.

We also visit our summer house in my hometown Kalmar as often as we can and once or twice a week I sell clothes through home sales. I also try to catch up with some jogging and skiing. I’m supposed to attend “TjejVasan” in the winter so I might have to increase my training volume a bit this fall. If time is given this semester I might also learn Icelandic once a week. I’m a little bit obsessed with Iceland.

What do you enjoy most about the job?
All interesting meetings and interesting conversations that take place here every day! Having the privilege of meeting all students. And then I have the absolute best, smartest and coolest colleagues so I think I can honestly say that I love going to work everyday.

Do you have any book tips that you want to share?
Jag heter inte Miriam by Majgull Axelsson – it feels more relevant than ever in view of the situation in the world right now. Then I would like to recommend Fyren mellan haven by M.L. Stedman. (The light between oceans) – it takes place in Australia, a country I often long for, and because I have never cried so much when reading a book.

Text: Christel Olsson and Lena Holmberg
Picture: Klaz Arvidson