Climate fiction – a highly topical genre


Climate fiction is a growing literary genre that developed out of the threat we know from today’s climate change. A sort of realistic science fiction with disaster elements. The concept was given back in 2007 but no genre has not broke through for real before it had a catchy acronym and a few years ago it finally came – “Cli-Fi”!

It’s about fiction that somehow reflects today’s global warming and give us an interpretation of how our future would look like. Can this literature affect our view on climate change? Maybe we feel more engaged when we skip the scientific talk and are thrown straight into a literary act that could be about ourselves?

Cli-Fi does not give us all the answers but a range of potential future scenarios to consider, it evokes emotion. What happens for example, if that part of the country where I live is flooded, forcing me to move or find other ways to live. Where the living conditions and the rules of the game suddenly change? This highly topical subject attracting different types of readers and is also grateful for cinema. The concept of Cli-Fi is up & coming and hopefully we will soon be able to read more Swedish authors in the genre.

dsc_0023Please read the interview with Dan Bloom, who invented the term and who created the web The Cli-Fi Report (CFR).

If you want to read some Cli-fi novels published in recent years and maybe even some older that also qualify in the field, we have some tips. Some are available in the library:

Meg Little Reilly We Are Unprepared (2016)
Paolo Bacigalupi The water knife (2015)
Camilla Sten En annan gryning (2015)
Kim Stanley Robinson Green Earth (2015) The shortened processing trilogy of Science in the capital consisting of Forty signs of rain (2004), Fifty degrees below (2005) and Sixty days and counting (2007).
Catarina Rolfsdotter Jansson Malmö Manhattan 1994 2024 (2014)
Monica Byrnes The girl in the road (2014)
Margaret Atwood MaddAddam-trilogy with Oryx and Crake (2003),The Year of the Flood (2010) and MaddAddam (2013)
Jesper Weithz Det som inte växer är döende (2012) E-bok
Emmi Itäranta Teemestarin kirja (2012) in english Memory of water
Barbara Kingsolver Flight behavior (2012)
Ian McEwan Solar (2010)
Maggie Gee The Ice People (1998)

Text & picture: Lena Holmberg