Seven tips if you want to make the most of the library


Last week we held a presentation in Swedish on how to make the most of the library, we gave the students seven tips, and here are they now in English.

First tip was about how you find books in the library. When you’re looking for a book you want to start by searching for the book in Summon at our webpage to find out the location of the book. What floor? What shelf? Then you need to actually find the book in the library, and here´s a guide to how that’s done.

The second tip was about information seeking. When you need to search for information to your essays och other tasks – do not hesitate to ask us for help! You are welcome to the Information Point at the entrence to the library for Search support, or if you’d rather visit the Search lab at Thursdays. If you take your information seeking seriously the rest of the work will be both better and more interesting.

The third tip: Don’t forget the part of the ice isbergberg that’s under the surface! You can think of our collections (books, journals, databases and articles) as an ice berg, the part above the surface is the printed part of the collection. Easy to notice inside the library building. But then there’s the part below the surface as well: All our electronic resources. You’ll find both the electronic and the printed materials through Summon at our webpage. Do you think it’s difficult with e-books? Please come and ask us for help! We’d love to help you find e-books, and to get you started reading them. If you want to monitor some particular journals – we recommend BrowZine.

Fourth tip was about how to determine if an article is peer reviewed or not. A subject we have written about in the library blog many times before.

The fifth tip concerned writing, and we told the audience about the Language lab in the library, a place where you can get support in academic writing.

Tip number six: book requests. If a book you want is already on loan – make a request. However, you don’t want to make a request if there’s a copy of the book available in the library (even if the other copy is on loan). Read more about book requests here.

Seventh tip: Follow our blog (the one you’re currently reading) to get more useful tips!

Text: Katharina Nordling
Bild: Colourbox och Katharina Nordling