How to forward the student e-mail


It happens that students say that they do not use their student e-mail and therefore miss out on our reminders, so we make this short guide on how to forward your e-mail. If you read our borrowing rules you will find the following text:

Library patrons are to know the lending period of borrowed items. The library is not required to send reminders.

We do send reminders though, but it happens that these reminders end up in the e-mail trash bin or that we have the wrong e-mail adress. So be sure to monitor your lending account on “My Loans“. And now to the guide:

(1) When you log on to your student e-mail account, you click on the gear on the right side of the interface and choose settings. Then you open the tab for forwarding and POP/IMAP.

(2) Use the function “Add a forwarding address” that you find in the forwarding section, and enter the email that you want to forward to.
skarmklipp-3Gmail will send a verification email to this address.

(3) When you are done you save the changes. You shuld be able to se the following message:

You are forwarding your email to This notice will end in 7 days.

Also read Googles guide “Automatically forward Gmail messages to another account”.

Text: Thomas