Connecting to WiFi? Use eduroam!



When you, student or employee at the university, connect your device to WiFi at the university – be sure to choose eduroam – a network that’s available not only at the University of Borås, but also at a variety of other locations in Sweden and around the world.

Eduroam is a collaborative between universities around the world with purpose to simplify the use of each other’s wireless networks. By choosing eduroam when you go online, you will be able to surf wirelessly even when you are at another university connected to eduroam (and there are many). But not only that, you will also have free access to wifi at all train stations, airports and ports in Sweden (if you are logged in correctly), since eduroam cooperates with the WiFi-provider The Cloud.

So how do you connect correctly? Well, when you select eduroam and to log in, type in [your username] and then your regular password. Now you are ready to surf! Do you have a problem? Read more about Eduroam on IT supports side of the service.


Så hur gör man då? Jo, när du valt eduroam och ska logga in skriver du in [ditt användarnamn] och sedan ditt vanliga lösenord. Sedan är du redo att surfa. Har du problem? Läs mer om Eduroam på IT-supports sida om tjänsten.

Text: Katharina Nordling